Seasonal Events: How Marquee Lights Can Enhance Your Event

Marquee letters have become a versatile decorative element that can illuminate the ambiance of any event. They add personalized charm and can be tailored to fit any even from something that is sophisticated all the way to a funky graduation party. 

In come ‘seasonal celebrations’. Marquee letters are not only useful for a specific occasion (like a name for someone’s birthday) but also seasonal events like Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Independence Day, and many others.

Read on for some more inspiration on how to incorporate marquee letters and light up numbers into your seasonal event. 


Spring is a time for all things ‘new’. Snow is melting, flowers are blooming, baby animals are being born, and spring cleaning is in full effect. Why not commemorate some of the spring seasonal events with some top of the line decor?

Saint Patrick’s Day: Whether you’re Irish or not, Saint Patrick’s Day is very popular in the United States. From concerts to pinching those who are not wearing green, it’s a holiday celebrated in many different ways. If you throw a party for St. Patty’s Day, incorporating marquee letters will take it up a notch. Some ideas are ‘I Pinch Back’ or even ‘#Shamrocked’. Event-Lit can make it happen!

Easter: Christians celebrate Easter as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There are several customs that go along with Easter including the Easter Bunny, hiding Easter eggs, and Easter Sunday church. If you are having an Easter party you could use marquee letters to spell ‘He Is Risen’ or a nod to the Easter Bunny by spelling ‘Hop To It’. 

Spring (in general): If you suffer from seasonal depression (lots of people do) then maybe a general spring celebration can bring you out of your funk. Some fun ideas are ‘Welcome Spring’ or even a hashtag of your favorite spring flower could make the event more special!


Summer is a great time to incorporate fun decor into your get-togethers. Summer is all about sun tans, vacations, and pure fun! Here are some ideas for summer events that Event-Lit can help with to enhance your decor.

National Ice Cream Day: Want to throw the most epic ice cream party of the summer? Consider enhancing the decor with marquee letters or light up numbers. Every year on the 3rd Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day and we can’t think of a better way than spelling ‘Ice Cream’ in lights. Snap a photo of everyone with their sundaes and the lights. 

Independence Day: The skies will be lit up with fireworks, why not light up your party with marquee letters? If you throw an epic July 4th bash, marquee lights are just the right touch to bring your event decor together. From #fireworks to spell out ‘July 4th’ with letters and numbers, we can customize any combo for you.

Pool Party: We know that summer is all about the pool parties. So whether you grill out or pizza it up, marquee letters or numbers can really bring your event to another level. Ideas include ‘Pool Time’ spelled out or ‘Splash’. If you have another idea, that’s no problem. We can customize to your needs.


Fall is a time for cooler weather, fire pits, and roasting marshmallows. Marquee lights can enhance the warm glow of fall for any event.

Halloween: Whether you’re hosting a kid-friendly trick or treating event or a more adult costume party, marquee letters and numbers are perfect for your event! You can spell out ‘trick or treat’ or use numbers to commemorate the year! 

Thanksgiving: Are you hosting this year? Let us help you celebrate your thanks by lighting up your event with ‘Give Thanks’ or ‘Turkey Day’. Imagine your delicious Thanksgiving Dinner illuminated by your decor of marquee lights. 

Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead): This Mexican celebration is a way to honor the dead with celebrations, music, and food. A far-cry from a somber day, celebrations can be illuminated with marquee letters and numbers. If you have a particular family member to honor or if you want to showcase your ofrenda, we have ideas for you!


Winter is a traditional time for family gatherings, warm fires, and snow days (unless you live in Florida like us)! Winter is notorious for being dark early so any celebrations you have absolutely need light up letters and numbers!

Hanukkah: Whether you’re doing several small parties to honor all eight nights of the holiday, or one big celebration during the season, marquee lights can light up your Hanukkah celebration in addition to your menorah. While not a candle, the warm glow of ‘Hanukkah’ spelled out or ‘Festival of Lights’ is a wonderful addition to your celebration.

Christmas: Christmas is always lit up with lights from houses and trees–so let Event-Lit throw in a few more with our marquee letters and numbers! From incorporating the year, a catchy Christmas saying, or lighting up your corporate Christmas party, we have customizable solutions for you.

New Year’s Eve: Marquee numbers are a great way to light up your New Year’s Eve celebration. Ring in the new year surrounded by our 4-ft tall numbers as you count down from 10! Your even will be lit up as much as the sky is with fireworks!


Event-Lit Has Options For Any Season and Any Event

Marquee letters and light up numbers are completely customizable and versatile. They can go both indoors and outdoors and really complement other decor such as balloons and floral arrangements.

Including them in your decor is a breeze and we do the delivery (no more worrying about how to fit it in your vehicle), set up, and break down. Event-Lit ensures a seamless beginning to end transition to your event and we take all the stress of your decor away.

Want to chat about your event and see what unique designs we can brainstorm about together? Give us a call. We always look forward to celebrating with new customers. We can’t wait to light up your event.