Incorporating Marquee Letters Into Corporate Events

In the world of corporate events, creating an experience that is both appealing and memorable for employees or guests is crucial. You want your event to stand out, not be boring, make a lasting impression, but also stay on brand. 

One of the most innovative ways to accomplish this is by choosing decor that is visually pleasing and is gaining popularity – marquee letters. These illuminated and oversized (but not too big!) letters provide a versatile and customizable way to light up corporate events without breaking the company’s budget or your brand’s identity.

Read on for some ideas on how to incorporate marquee letters, numbers, and symbols into your corporate event so you can be well on your way to the event of the century.


Marquee Letters in Corporate Event Decor

Marquee letters have emerged as a tasteful way to decorate corporate events. They offer a vintage and modern feel all wrapped into one. Their ambient lighting creates a focal point that draws attention from guests and is perfect for a business that is looking to make a statement. 

Whether you’re spelling out the company’s name, stating your business motto, hashtagging your event on social media, or creating custom shapes to represent your business logo, marquee letters offer a unique and customizable solution to your corporate decor. 


Women at a corporate event with marquee letters that spell ‘Venue Las Vegas’

Why Would My Event Need Marquee Letters?

You’re having an event for a reason. Typically that reason is to reinforce the brand’s image and values or to honor employees. Marquee letters provide a creative and elegant way to do just that!

By arranging these letters to spell out your company’s name, the honored employee, or brand logo, you create an instant snapshot that is recognizable (and social media-worthy!). This not only enhances brand visibility but backs up that you’re proud of your business and the people who work for the company.

How Do Marquee Letters Work?

The best thing about marquee letters, numbers, and symbols is that they are versatile and customizable. Custom shapes, such as logos or symbols associated with your brand can be made to add personalized touches to your event decor. Whether the purpose of adding marquee lights to your decor is to create a fun photo op or to put your message out there, Event-Lit has you covered.

Woman leaning on her corporate marquee letters that say ‘WVM’ for Wedding Venue Map


Corporate Event Decor Ideas

Marquee lights are not just for show; they create an atmosphere that is fun, sophisticated, and unique. Here are some ideas on how to use them for your event.

  • Career Fairs: Sure, others decorate their booths but imagine how your booth will stand out in a sea of competitors by using marquee lighting to attract potential applicants. Not only can they take pictures with your lights (and post them to socials), but when they do, it could draw in other applicants who may not have seen your booth.
  • Employee Appreciation Events: What better way to celebrate your team’s hard work than creating an illuminated atmosphere for them? You can spell out “THANK YOU” or the event’s name. Marquee letters show that you had the forethought to decorate for your employees, truly appreciate them, and wanted to know they’re valued. What better way to boost company morale?
  • Corporate Fundraisers: Let’s face it. Marquee lights look elegant, sophisticated, and expensive (even though they won’t break the bank). If you’re hosting a corporate fundraiser you’ll want to draw in the big guns. You can incorporate your company’s initials or a meaningful word related to your cause. 
  • Celebratory Banquets: Whether it’s a company milestone, anniversary, or successful project completion, using marquee letters to highlight the event is a wonderful way to celebrate! Utilize large number marquee lights to illuminate a proud number of years as a company or letters to mark an achievement. Whatever you’re celebrating, Event-Lit can customize lights for you. 

Event-Lit Is Here To Make Your Events Memorable

Event-Lit wants to make your business event decor ideas come to life. The goal of incorporating marquee letters into your decor is to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. The added bonus is that they tie your event together, provide a way to really get your message across, and provide a memorable photo opportunity. 

Marquee letters and light up numbers are a great way to customize your event. They can transform any corporate get-together into a visually appealing and memorable occasion. 

Whether you choose your company name or a catchy hashtag, Event-Lit is here for it. When you support Event-Lit, you support small businesses that proudly operate within the United States. Give us a call to see how we can illuminate your event!