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In the world of event planning and decoration, Event-Lit stands out as a beacon of light and creativity, bringing to life events across multiple locations with our custom-designed marquee lights. And it doesn’t stop there. We are committed to illuminating events across the United States which is why we offer exciting licensing opportunities. 

Each Event-Lit location is a unique entity that is individually owned and operated. This ensures that clients receive personalized, community-oriented services from local owned small businesses. The best part? Because each Event-Lit team is local, they know the vibe and ethos of their areas. What better way to come up with authentic custom designs?

Event-Lit currently services areas of Florida, Tennessee and Ohio. Each and every piece we make is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. What does that mean? Not only are you supporting small, local businesses, but you’re ensuring that the marquee lights you want are made with precision and quality.

Sailors standing between marquee letters that read LAND & SEA
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Marquee Letters spelling out MAGIC beside blue, silver, black, and white balloons
Light Up Numbers "16" beside a balloon display for a Sweet 16 party
A Gatsby themed party display with the marquee letters spelling out "OLD SPORT"
Light Letters reading "UT Grad"
Let's Get Lit

Locally Owned & Operated

Marquee letter display that reads "GO BIG ORANGE" with orange and white balloons

Choosing one of our locally owned and operated Event-Lit locations for your event is more than just a decision for unique party decor; it’s also an investment in your local community. Our licensees aren’t just business owners; they’re local enthusiasts familiar with the ins and outs of their areas. They know the best venues, understand local tastes, including sports teams and cultural nuances, and have established relationships with other vendors.

This insider knowledge ensures your event not only shines brightly with our luxury marquee letters but is also seamlessly integrated with the local vibe and resources. By selecting Event-Lit, you’re not just making your event unforgettable; you’re also investing in the local economy, fostering relationships with small businesses, and contributing to the community’s growth. It’s a partnership that brings local flair to your event and supports the community’s well-being.

Marquee Letters spelling out MAGIC beside blue, silver, black, and white balloons
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For both intimate affairs and large corporate events, our collection has the perfect letters for every occasion. Explore our Event Types page for inspiration for your upcoming gathering!
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Licensing Opportunities

Event-Lit is growing! If you don’t see your location listed, keep checking back as we expand across the US. Or if you’re interested in opening your own Event-Lit location, visit our Licensing page for more information.

Start your own Event-Lit light up letter rental business and turn your passion for networking and events into a profitable venture with full support and high-quality, USA-made products.

DNKN spelled out in front of a Dunkin Donuts