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Our light up letter rental service in Columbus, OH, provides a beautiful selection of marquee numbers and letters that illuminate any event. Each marquee letter is crafted right here in the USA through a meticulous powder-coating process that results in a beautiful, elegant finish. Crafted from lightweight materials, our letters are portable and simple to set up, making them an ideal choice for a variety of event venues across Columbus and beyond.

Every piece showcases a seamless weld, a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship that infuses each event with a refined touch.  Not only are these letters aesthetically pleasing, but they are also designed to be safe for outdoor use, offering versatility for both indoor and outdoor gatherings. Our collection includes a diverse range of sizes, from 3-foot letters to 4-foot numbers, ensuring that your message captivates and leaves a memorable impression.

Opting for our marquee letters means choosing a blend of beauty and functionality, the ideal complement to elevate any event in Columbus, OH.

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Event Lit Columbus's owners Kim and Nate Handrahan

About Our Columbus Team

Hello Columbus!

Kim and Nate Handrahan are the owners of Event-Lit Columbus, a company that provides marquee letters to light up events and special occasion in Columbus, OH and its surrounding areas. Married in 2017, they are active with their three daughters lives and excited to bring a sparkle to all the events they are able to be a part of.

In October 2023, they started their business to bring a new level of excitement to events in Columbus. Event-Lit’s marquee letters are a unique and eye-catching way to add some flair to weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and more.

If you are planning an event and want to make it truly unforgettable, Event-Lit Columbus is the perfect solution. Email Kim and Nate directly to learn more about their services. They are happy to discuss your needs and help you create an unforgettable event with their marquee letters.

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Event Lit Columbus's owners Kim and Nate Handrahan
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Light Up Numbers "16" beside a balloon display for a Sweet 16 party

Personal Parties in Columbus

No matter the celebration, Event-Lit Columbus is excited to contribute to making your special event unforgettable. Our services have illuminated a wide array of occasions, from flashy birthday parties to proud graduation celebrations. We’ve injected fun into gender reveals and added heartfelt touches to anniversaries. Our knack for crafting the ideal ambiance for these significant milestones establishes us as a dependable ally in your most important events.

Whether you’re planning an enchanting proposal or envisioning a customized setting for your wedding, we have exactly what you need. Our assortment of marquee letters is specifically designed to enhance these deeply personal and momentous events. With Event-Lit Columbus, your extraordinary day will be as distinctive and memorable as your story of love.

Marquee Letters spelling out AMAZON beneath orange, white, and gray balloons

Corporate Events In Columbus

Event-Lit Columbus is your premier choice for transforming corporate celebrations into unforgettable experiences. Our letters are precisely crafted to suit a broad spectrum of corporate events, from banquets and fundraisers to festive holiday gatherings, employee recognition ceremonies, open houses, and career expos. We recognize the unique nature of each corporate event and the necessity for a specific flair that reflects your company’s culture and aspirations. Our marquee letters and numbers introduce an element of sophistication and vibrancy, ensuring every corporate occasion is both memorable and captivating.

Beyond our regular services, we excel in custom designs for businesses desiring a more tailored presentation. Whether your aim is to highlight your brand’s logo or conceive a distinctive design that embodies your corporate identity, our skilled teamcan make it happen. This service guarantees your corporate event will not only stand out but also effectively communicate your brand’s message, engaging attendees and solidifying your company’s presence. 

Marquee Letters spelling out AMAZON beneath orange, white, and gray balloons
Marquee letters spelling out "NYE" beside a balloon display

Holiday Parties In Columbus

Event-Lit Columbus is your ideal partner for bringing holiday magic to life in Columbus, OH. Our letters illuminate many holiday events, from intimate family gatherings celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve to large-scale corporate holiday parties and festive community events like Halloween and Fourth of July celebrations. We understand that holiday events are special, requiring that extra touch of magic and warmth that aligns perfectly with the season’s spirit.

Our marquee letters and numbers are not just decorative elements; they are here to add a sophisticated and festive flair to your holiday celebrations. Whether you’re looking to create a winter wonderland with a festive message or a spooky Halloween night with eerie, glowing letters, we are equipped to bring your holiday vision to life.

Choose Event-Lit Columbus for your holiday events and let us light up your festivities with our unique blend of elegance, creativity, and holiday cheer.

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Columbus Marquee Letter Rental Pricing

Marquee Letters

Ranges from $50-$70, depending on quantity. Standard alphabet available.
$100 Delivery Within 25 Miles; Outside 25 Miles TBD

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Marquee Numbers

Ranges from $50-$70, depending on quantity. Numbers 0-9 available.
$100 Delivery Within 25 Miles; Outside 25 Miles TBD

Starting at


Marquee Symbols

Ranges from $50-$70, depending on quantity. Symbols Available: &, ♥, #. Please contact for additional symbols.
$100 Delivery Within 25 Miles; Outside 25 Miles TBD

Starting at



$100 Delivery Within 50 Miles; Outside 50 Miles TBD

Service Coverage

We proudly service all areas within 50 miles of Downtown Columbus and southeastern Ohio. If your event is happening outside of our radius, please contact us for available options. $100 Delivery Within 50 Miles; Outside 50 Miles TBD.

Contact Information

(614) 390-5460


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