Holiday Events

Event-Lit business owner in front of a two-tier marquee letter display that reads "TIS THE SEASON"
Light-Up Marquee Numbers that read 2024
Light-Up Marquee Letters that read USA
Light Up Marquee Letters that read "CFDC BOO BASH" beneath a balloon arch
holiday events

Brightening the Holidays

Illuminate your holiday events with the enchanting glow of marquee letters. Our services go beyond merely lighting up a venue; they kindle joy and foster unforgettable memories that guests will treasure long after the festivities have ended.

Marquee letters are the perfect embellishment for any holiday celebration. Whether it's Christmas, New Year's Eve, Halloween, or any festive season, these light up letters add a magical touch, transforming the space into a captivating scene of holiday cheer.

Designed to complement the theme and style of your holiday event, our marquee letters ensure a distinctive and luminous setting, making every moment of the celebration special and memorable.
Red white and blue badge that reads 'made in the USA'
How It Works

Events We Service

Light Up Letters spelling out MERRY in front of a red truck
Bring the magic of Christmas to life with marquee letters, illuminating your festive gatherings with a warm and inviting glow that embodies the spirit of the season.
Easter Light-Up Marquee Letters spelling out HIPPITY HOP
Elevate your Easter celebrations with our marquee letters, adding a bright touch to your gatherings. Spell out joyful messages or create inviting settings for egg hunts and meals, capturing the essence of renewal and hope this season brings.
USA spelled out in marquee lights with red, white, and blue balloons
Fourth of July
Celebrate Independence Day with marquee letters that illuminate the night sky. Our light-up letters and symbols can add a patriotic flair to any 4th of July gathering, making your celebration a landmark event full of American spirit.
Thanksgiving Light-Up Marquee Letters that read FEAST MODE
Bring warmth to your Thanksgiving events with our marquee letters, enhancing the ambiance with messages of gratitude and family. Perfect for dinners and gatherings, they set the scene for a memorable holiday focused on togetherness and thankfulness.
Light Up Marquee Letters that read "CFDC BOO BASH" beneath a balloon arch
Elevate your Halloween event with spooky and spectacular marquee letters, creating an eerie yet enchanting ambiance that enhances the thrill of the night.
Light-Up Marquee Letters spelling out LUCKY
St. Patrick's Day
Bring the luck of the Irish to your event with vibrant green marquee lights. Our light-up letters can spell out festive messages, adding a touch of Ireland to your St. Patrick's Day celebrations and making every moment memorable.
Two-Tier Marquee letters spelling out "LOVE" with the O represented by a heart
Valentine's Day
Spell out love with marquee letters at your Valentine's Day event, adding a romantic touch that shines brightly, capturing the essence of affection and companionship.
Marquee letters spelling out "NYE" beside a balloon display
New Year's
Sparkle into the New Year with light-up letters that add glamour and excitement to your countdown celebrations, making the moment truly unforgettable.

Make Your Holidays Shine

Elevate your holiday celebrations with Event-Lit's marquee letters. Capture the essence of the season and create unforgettable moments. Contact us today to light up your holiday event with style and warmth.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We only require 1 outlet. Our marquee letters use plug-in lights and each letter plugs into the other.

Yes! Our marquee letters are built for indoor and outdoor use and can withstand the elements.

On the day of your event, our team delivers and installs your marquee letter display.  Once we arrive at your event venue and determine the best location for your letters, all we need is about 5-10 minutes per letter. Example: A 10-letter setup will take an hour to be completed. A stacked setup will add an additional hour.

We'll provide all the necessary extension cords and equipment for your setup. 

Our letters are laser cut and seamlessly welded. The LED lights wired into the letters reflect beautifully off the white gloss powder coated finish. 

Our marquee letter bookings are priced as daily, 24 hour, rentals. We deliver our marquee letters and pick them up at times that are convenient for your schedule.

With ample notice, we can help design and create a custom marquee piece that would be yours as a keepsake after your event.

A set-up/removal fee is added to all booked events based on location.

Taxes are applied to each booking, 50% of the invoice is due immediately as a non-refundable booking fee. The remaining balance is due two weeks before the scheduled event.

Currently, there is only one font option available for our marquee letters, numbers, and symbols which are available in white. Colored light bulbs are available for an additional charge. 

Letters cannot be moved after our team has set them up for safety purposes.