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Custom Marquee Symbol of the Audi four rings logo

Illuminate Your Event with Custom Crafted Elegance

Discover the brilliance of custom-made marquee letters, numbers, and symbols. At Event-Lit, we pride ourselves on producing distinctive, high-quality light-up designs perfect for elevating corporate events and celebrations. We handcraft each piece in Orlando, FL, ensuring unmatched quality and quicker turnaround times than most other manufacturers. Whether it's a unique company logo, a special symbol, or custom-sized letters and numbers, our dedicated team is equipped to bring your vision to life, right here in the USA.
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Custom Marquee Symbol of the Audi four rings logo

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Custom Marquee Symbol of the Audi four rings logo


Transform your brand into a radiant masterpiece with custom light-up logos. Ideal for corporate events, our team expertly crafts your company's emblem into a glowing focal point, ensuring your brand shines brightly.
Light-Up Marquee Letters spelling out MCGRIFF at a corporate event


Elevate your message with custom letters tailored in size or color to match your theme or decor. Our bespoke service ensures your event's signage is as unique as your occasion, crafted with precision and care.
Marquee Number 100 beneath a balloon display beside an astronaut


Celebrate milestones or anniversaries with custom-sized and colored numbers. Our personalized approach ensures your special dates are highlighted in the most luminous and memorable way.
1Y&F with a heart symbol in marquee lights


From a glowing spade to a radiant dollar sign, our custom symbols service brings your brand's unique elements to light. Whatever the sign, we're here to make it a bright reality, adding an unforgettable touch to your event.

Illuminate Your Brand with Custom Creations

Ready to make your mark with a bespoke light-up design? At Event-Lit, we're excited to help you illuminate your brand's identity with custom-crafted logos, letters, numbers, and symbols. Don't settle for off-the-shelf; let's create something uniquely yours.

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We want your custom design experience to be a breeze. Here are some commonly asked questions.

Yes! Connect with us to discuss your vision and we'll do our best to make it possible. 

Although we specialize in working with aluminum, we can work with almost any material you desire!

Each custom piece varies on the length of time it takes; but a safe time frame is 2-3 months.

We can’t build things a mile long! But we can definitely do our best to build something LARGE or small if needed!

We require a client have a vision of what they want. Although we can give some small suggestions, we will look to you for instructions and specifics about what you want.

Let's discuss! If the custom piece you're requesting is branded (like the Audi logo), yes. Since these pieces are custom-designed to meet your needs, there is a difference in pricing. But most importantly, the custom pieces we make for you are yours to keep. Forever! This difference in pricing will reflect your full ownership of the final piece, rather than the rental rate of our standard pieces. However, if you're requesting a piece that can be added to our catalog and rented out in the future, there is no additional charge.

Everything we create is either built in-house or we are very involved in the process.  We build Luxury Letters and we expect nothing less in a custom piece!

Yes. All of our marquee designs--standard or custom--are able to be used both indoors and outdoors. They are weather-resistant. Due to the electrical components, they are not weather-proof but will hold up in mild weather conditions. 

Start with an email or request a quote and we will set up a personal meeting either by phone or in person to discuss the details from your vision until receipt of your final product!

Possibly!  Let’s discuss your needs and we can figure out a path forward!